How To Install The Subwoofer

Disorientation bass subwoofer does not mean that players can place anywhere in your listening room will give equivalent results. Selected set point matching subwoofer can make a clear difference in the bass performance of the speaker. Many people choose rather handy solution is to place the subwoofer in the corner, because in this way will the thick bass and largest. But the subwoofer placed in that position will not give detailed bass. In addition to some devices that are needed for installing a subwoofer, an amplifier is also necessary. Because this is quite an important equipment, you should take a careful consideration in the best car amplifier for car that is suitable and fit your car as well as your subwoofer in a properly way.

  1. Best way to set the subwoofer

With small subwoofer (diameter less than 20 cm), the best position is to set the main speakers about 0,9-1,2m. Placing the subwoofer too far is harder for it to bring the feeling that the bass is generated from the speaker system. In the process of positioning subwoofers, one should turn to high volume to figure out how to score big bass, but still the most richly detailed.


In some cases, after having put in many positions, the bass is not as detailed as desired, players can consider the following solution:

  1. Listening chair lift out of position and put the sub into it, turn on a movie or music have more bass at high volumes.
  2. Next, let’s go around the room to the point where players want to put that in most speakers (subjective).
  3. Finally, is moving in a straight line from the sub listening position to that point. When moving the speakers, listen to locate the bass can sound the most powerful and detailed, fixed and speakers there.
  4. Fitting and adjustment


Normally the rear subwoofers had several buttons, jacks with various parameters. This arrangement can make the “heathen” with audio momentarily confused. But if you look closely can see quite clearly the functions and simple. How to play the simplest and effective as signal wiring from the amplifier / preamplifier to the line “Sub in” rear subwoofer (or in some sub-topic is LFE / Direct / Bypass …).

Next, push the cut frequency knob points to the highest level. In some lines of subwoofers allow changes in the frequency range from 40Hz to about 200Hz wide. Players need to carefully study the specifications of the main speakers and subwoofer on this aspect in order to select an appropriate threshold for cutting frequency subwoofer. One way to estimate the relative frequency selection cut on the subwoofer level to match the main speakers are as follows: Threshold 150-200 Hz as the main speaker bass 5-8cm in diameter; 80Hz or 100Hz threshold for the main speaker bass 10-13cm in diameter; 60Hz or 80Hz threshold with large bookshelf speakers or speaker’s slender columns.


Rocker phase (phase), as well as one of the important adjustment button on the subwoofer, subwoofers, and speakers by the system can “sing” when they are synchronized – meaning that the speaker’s woofers pair the main speakers and subwoofer motion / out simultaneously. To test the speakers can operate in phase with each other is not, turn on loud music with more bass software and listen to the “sweet spot” for about a minute. At the same time, arrange to sit slight correction phase rocker 0/180 subwoofer located on site. Benchmarking is when people hear that the system found in the most bass. In cases where the listener does not feel the difference when tuning at any point from 0 to 180, leave the button in position 0.

The final step is to adjust the volume of the sub. Some people are “addicted” to the bass (bass freak) can push a little-known sub greater than the overall level of the main speakers. Meanwhile, the system will lose the balance in favor of the band and bass. If you want absolute precise adjustments, players need the support of volume measuring instruments professional in studio or lab.


How to get the best guitar ?

You may get tired of searching for best guitar for the beginner. But may not be successful to find out the best one for yourself (Fender fa-100 is one of the guitar you should consider). It happens because of having no higher knowledge about which guitars are the best and which are the worst.

Question: How to get the best guitar?

At the beginning session, it may totally unaware to you. But gradually whenever you got some experience, then you may get some ideas about verifying the quality and the skills of the guitars too. After becoming less experienced, it would be the easiest task for you to find out the best guitar and then pay money for it.

Well! After getting knowledgeable of the beginner guitar, then you can take a trial of the next categorized guitars also. You can easily try the middle or high classed guitars if you learned the lessons from the beginner guitars at first.

But it would be tougher for you if you just neglected the beginning lessons or denied to take the advantages from the beginner guitar. So, it’s very important to learn the playing of the beginner guitar at first, then try for something better with the next guitars and other kind of musical instruments.

Look at your budget for a suitable guitar

However, as the beginner guitars used to be very simple, so that the price of it, also should not be too high also. Moreover, you also can buy it with your estimated budget. According to me, you also should not pay much money for your beginner guitar. Because without handling properly, it may get damaged so quickly. But in the next, whenever you learn more, you can buy the most expensive guitars also. Then you also may know how to buy it and in later how to play the best tunes from it also.

Therefore, in order to get the best guitar, you must have to know the every detail of it. Otherwise, there will be a large scope of being deceived by the betrayer or by getting the low classed guitars.

You may have very few risks of being deceived if you purchase the branded guitars. But if you are compelled to buy the non branded guitars or have to buy the second hand guitars, then you must have to be more careful indeed. Sometimes you also may not have the scope to correct your mistakes that you did in the earlier times.

Advice for buying a good guitar

Well! As like the other things, you also should follow of your own choice whenever you are purchasing a guitar for yourself. If you have any particular choice, then you can easily buy the guitar by yourself. But if you are confused about anything, then you should obviously discuss with your friends or colleagues to solve this problem.

It is just hoped and wished that by overtaking the other matters, you may succeed in the mission of buying the best guitar for yourself. Because a better guitar can also can increase your passion towards and music and also become too helpful to help you in your further life too.


Things You Should Know About Learning Musical Instrument

Everyone is born with music but when it comes to playing music with instruments no one is born with it. There are many different ways and techniques to learn music but there are also some certain facts about it. You should be aware that in learning music it is not always about fun and enjoyment, there are some struggles as well.

Accept the fact that there is no perfection at first

The beginners or even to those people who are seemingly hard-to-learn, first practice is not enough. You will never be able to play perfectly at the start, you are going to rest or practice the whole night. This is because music is a complex but lovely language.


Everyone around you expects for immediate greatness

Even if you believe that you can encounter hardships during your first day of training, there are still people around you who assume that you can get perfection as quick as possible. This is because for them, what you do is just an easy thing.

There is always someone better than you

If your name has been known in the whole world, it does not mean that you will get the same stand forever because as long as you live on Earth there is always someone better than you. So, no matter how young you start playing music, there is always a change.

  1. In music learning, there are rules

Setting up rules can be the most effective way to make the learning flow smoothly and organized. Rules are very much helpful to discipline the learners and assist their learning to have quick progress. If you hate rules at home it would possibly be hard for you to follow the rules of music at the same time.

  1. In practicing, you can encounter pain

When you play guitar, observe your fingers. If you love playing the violin, take a look at your neck. That’s the reality and that’s the proof of your hard work. So if you experience such pain congratulates yourself because it’s a mark of success.

  1. Suddenly, you can encounter failures

Failures are unavoidable. You want it or not you will still be hit by this sooner or later. You may be failed on making perfection as what other people expect you to and there would be times that you feel the worst thing – giving up. Always remember that there is no success without failure. So, once you get failed stand up again and make that failure turn to victory.

There are truly some facts about learning musical instruments that we don’t realize at first. These realities are not the bad sides of practicing, they are actually the advantage. Because they can help someone to be serious on the path he wanted to walk while having fun along the way. Failures and pain can help you get the keys to victory. Face them bravely and always remember this: you will never reach the step ten without even crossing on the first one.




You’re a newbie? You’ve just started and still not know what to buy? Or you’re simply curious. Anyway, let’s take a look at what you have to do the DJing.

  • 2 input devices
  • 1 DJ mixer
  • Headphones
  • Sound system

Let’s get in detail:

A minimum of 2 input devices.

Whetjer you use CD, vinyl, or a combination of both, you’ll be needing at least 2 input devices, which are generally either CD decks or turntables. The amount of input channels on your mixer will determine how many input devices you will need, because you have to make the two tunes blend in together, which requires you at least two devices. Anything you want to add depends on your personal preference.

A DJ mixer.

This device will help to control and mix the sound from your first input device to your second input device. It is the hub of your mix. In the beginning, I think a normal standard two-channel DJ mixer will meet your need, but as time goes by, you are becoming better and better. You will understand the different levels of sound quality and the effect as it works, you may want more. That is the time you choose to upgrade to higher state or keep using the same old mixer.


The best studio headphones for mixing give you all: listen, cue and mix the track yourself and keep it from anybody’s ears. Headphones are your most crucial gear, deciding both the environment you will work in and the quality of your mixes. The equipment used depends based totally on your personal preference, but one good thing to do is try on your friends, collegues’ equipment, maybe they have some good stuff and you don’t know? Don’t forget to experience the headphones before buying it to make sure you are really comfort with them.

Sound system.

Nowadays, powered amplfied speakers are probably the best choice out there since they totally beat the other in sound quality and design, but it is kind of expensive for a newbie. At first, an amplifier, or a home hi-fi system or even speaker setup is enough for you. But it depends on your budget, like how much you are ready to spend on this equipment. Be a smart DJ.

Here’s a few tips you may consider when shopping your equipment list:

Tip #1: Never choose “DJ in a box” set because they are often very simple and probably not enough for what you want now and later. In short, you would have to purchase other things even though you bought a multi DJ gadgets package.

Tip – #2: Look up online, do some research, listen to others’ advice before you make any decision. It is even better if you get to touch the equipment by hand, because you can officially feel how it really works by your own eyes.

Tip #3: Second hand is an option, even a wise one, since there are some equipment (like Pioneer and Technics) brands which are designed tough to survive in the club environment. They are also built so problems can be fixed.

Tip #4: If you don’t have enough money for the higher-quality equipment to start with, don’t let that tie you down. First, purchase what you is affordable and then upgrade to higher quality after saving up more.


What Makes Music so Important

Music. What will come to your mind when you hear the word music? There are different definitions of the word but there is one all human have in common – it lift up one’s soul. Music truly changes mood. It draws stress away and it helps sadness gone totally. When we heard music we get extraordinary calmness. This is because we are born with music. Music is our nature. It is around us and it is within us as well.


As what you can see, infants respond quickly to rhythmic sounds. They hum first before they learn to speak. When we were young, music helps us to sleep a lot. During our teenager’s life, we are a big fan of music, its songs, artists, and instruments. These are some of the reasons why we can’t live without the beauty of tunes. In short, music is life. It makes the whole world alive. One of the most beneficial sides of music is it is good for human development. Here are the reasons:

  • Music is fun

To learn about music is truly fun. If you enjoy listening to it, it is more enjoyable when you create it. Experimenting music with an instrument, playing notes and making notes a melody provides incomparable joy. The feeling of pleasure in meeting new challenges and handling those dares beautifully offers unique and special satisfaction on your side.

  • Music presents advance learning

Music is essential especially to children who have the natural curiosity and creativity. It nurtures the independent thinking of a child leading him to progress in all other aspects of his life whether at home or in school. The more the child involves music the more he develops his academic grades more rapidly compared to others.

  • Music makes self-confidence

We all need to be successful in life but if we are lack in trusting ourselves it will not be possible. Every accomplishment needs self-confidence and music is a big help to make us grow in the process. This is because music helps us develop stronger personality. The bands, orchestras, choirs or any other music groups and programs will enhance our strength to the better.

  • Music helps us develop socially

Teamwork and cooperation are an essential factor to be great in socialization. Socializing is what a school needs for students, the company needs it as well and your community expects the same from you. If you play music, you attract more members and so you get more friends and to keep them you should know how to deal with them.

  • Music has lifetime effects

Music can be the language when you can’t speak. When you love music you can have endless possibilities. Music can lead you to success. It provides real relaxation and enjoyment. It can be the best thing you can do during your leisure time. It can mold your life with lovely tunes. The younger you get musical training the more you can get benefits.

While there is music, keep it. You do not have to have everything just to get involved in it. Play some instruments or just listen to music and you can see what impact it creates.







Specifications Of A Good Studio Monitor

Specifications of the studio monitor are one of the important factors affecting the quality of the studio monitor, so users need to pay special attention to this factor when choosing studio monitors. Similar to the technology equipment, electronic such as cameras, phones, washing machine … the studio monitor also have separate specifications to help users better understand the quality and features. However, if the specifications of the phone or camera can be easily evaluated and compared because of its popularity, the technical parameters of the studio monitor to the complexity of its physical nature often making it difficult for ordinary users to purchase or evaluate studio monitor.

studio monitors reviews

Selecting appropriate studio monitor that suitable for your own system, with elements such as favorite music, studio monitor placement as well as the compatibility between the speaker and amplifier are the external factors to help us choose to buy a studio monitor, and its specifications will determine the quality of the studio monitor. These are some studio monitor reviews that could be useful for you when choosing the best one to put in your studio.


1. The size of the studio monitor

The first parameter and that’s the most recognizable size of the studio monitor. Usually, we measure the diameter of the bass, use the unit Inch to characterize this parameter. Or sometimes we heard that people use some more technical terms as speaker 3 inches (12 Inch) or speaker 4 inches (15 Inch). In general, larger and heavier studio monitor have better sound quality than a small and lighter one. The larger the speakers generate more bass and stronger sound, but the magnitude enclosures and the inner matrix also determined the quality and quantity bass.


2. The most common specifications: frequency response range

These are parameters that users know best and also concerned about when buying studio monitor. The concept of the band was to determine the response of the studio monitors through audio reproduction capabilities of the respective frequency range. Users can see very clearly on the specifications of the studio monitor parameters, such as a recording band meets studio monitors 30Hz – 20KHz, it is capable of extremely deep bass reproduction at 30Hz, and the negative high up to a maximum threshold for the human ear to hear, 20KHz.

However, there are many factors that influence directly and indirectly to the parameters, such as the distance between the studio monitors and measurement equipment, room size, measure the direction and nature of the measured tone, volume … So this is just a reference parameter for multiple users to understand the audio device.


3. Parameter sensitivity of studio monitors

Sensitivity measured in dB / watt / m (with 8-ohm speaker impedance). This parameter is particularly important for users to be able to base on it to choose a composite amplifier in their sound system. A catchy formula is 10 times more amplifier power, sound intensity levels increased by 10 dB and the sound will be twice as big.


4. The impedance of the studio monitor

These conductors are often resistive, and the studio monitor is not the exception. The magnitude of this index is called the impedance of the studio monitor. In developing a parallel circuit of a sound system, the larger the studio monitor impedance studio monitors easier “control” and is compatible with more amplifiers. Accordingly, 8-ohm impedance 4-ohm speaker better in compositing. This can be evidenced by the parameters of the amplifier damping factor, the higher the index, the more solid bass studio monitor. Damping factor is calculated by the quotient between the studio monitor impedance and output impedance of the amplifier. For example, 8-ohm speaker impedance, amplifier 0:01-ohm output impedance, the damping factor worth 800. So studio monitor with high impedance operation easier and more easy compositing.


5. Maximum Capacity

This parameter used for the user to know the maximum limit that can damage the studio monitor amplifier, rather than suggest to the user to choose to buy a suitable amplifier. When using a small amplifier, the issues that are most vulnerable to the audio signal will be noisy, distorted and not truthful when used at high capacity. Meanwhile, large amplifiers still operate normally.


That’s 5 factors to consider when we learn of studio monitor specifications. But in reality, the assessment of the technical parameters only help users get the most insight about living through a loudspeaker, and how to evaluate the best studio monitor are still to hear and feel the sound with your ears, to get the most accurate assessment.


Trick on play Cajon

Brief history of Cajon

Cajon drum is a percussion instrument consisting of 6 items forming a box. Talking about the development history of the Cajon drums, they must mention to the Peru, a country that carrying many art forms of humanity especially percussion instruments. But the cradle of the Cajon drums is Cuba, a country that carries a crocodile shapes stretching over the Caribbean and is the most populous country in the Southern Ocean eastern United States. Cuban musicians play traditional music often use Cajon than Conga. While coming to Peru, Cajon has its own traditions, people often use the barrel to play flamenco and Cajon thus easily be developed from this play.


How to play?

When playing a Cajon drum, players will sit on empty barrels and used two hands typing on the surface of the drum according to the music rhythm to create snare or bass sound. Usually, when a starter practicing playing, the practitioners will have to be trained in the basic hand exercises to understand the rhythm and then beat in the music or specific songs. People often mix it with guitar and the instrument follow with Cajon usually be a metronome.


What about the tricks?

Double stroke

With this technique Double Stroke, we will focus according to 16 beats per bar (16beat / rhythm). With the flexible combination when the double beat of every beat hands Left and Right, this way can be used as some pretty good drum rolls.

The order of hand and the typing will be like this:

Bass Bass | Treb Treb | Treb Treb | Bass Bass | Treb Treb | Treb Treb | Treb Treb | Treb Treb

Country rhythm


Country rhythm starting from the 1920s in the United States and then spread through some neighborhoods such as leather Canada, Australia, England … Country rhythm shows idyllic, but lovely of the cowboy horse riding’s life from the first songs and then adapted many themes and genres as Alternate Country, Pop Country, Rap country … Country rhythm carries the 4/4 rhythm.

Hitting kick bass

Here is the technique used fingers to play the bass Cajon drum. When play Cajon drum with fingers bunched up, you would feel the sound to bass will kick better, the movement of the hands will be faster, more smoothly.

Play Shaker with Cajon

Shaker is one of the outstanding instruments which come from North Africa. It is quite simple to learn how to play a Shaker and make the amazing sounds, so it is used pretty popularly. When you have both shaker and Cajon and want to play two of them together, you should pay attention to the independence of your hands. Usually, people would perform the Shaker with their right hand and Cajon with the other. Or you can select what hand to play with what instruments until you feel comfortable.


Today we can easily see Cajon everywhere, from the big stages to the small tea rooms, picnic, bar, café music, acoustic performances … Cajon is the one of the most popular instruments that deliver rustic and approachable sound, which is easy to play.

Cajon is now not merely playing with Flamenco music anymore, but it also plays with many different music genres like pop, rock ballad, Bosanova, hip-hop … They use metal guitar strings or snare to make Cajon. The advanced products often have added 1 unit called Adjustable used to adjust the tension of wire or snare, so we will have more options to better fit the sound for each work or each genre.


The best K-pop singer all the time

K-pop stands for in English of Korean pop music (also called Kayo music or Gayo music). Many artists and bands have come from Korea and has gained popularity in many countries around the world. The popularity of K-pop is often seen as part of the rise of the Korean Wave (Hallyu, 한류), the emergence of the popularity of the contemporary South Korean culture in Asia.

Among all of the artists in K-pop, the singer/band that are considered as the most favorite is H.O.T. music band. H.O.T. means “High-five Of Teenagers”. The band was launched in 1996 by Lee Soo Man of SM Entertainment and within five years, the band has received a lot of support from the Korean youth. H.O.T. has created an enormous influence, becoming the standard, another milestone for the boy band at that time and later on. H.O.T. disbanded in 2001 after the release of his 5th album and organizing a concert of that year.

H.O.T. songs are the mix of rap and ballads, with Kang Ta is the vocalist. When they released their third album, “Resurrection”, the majority of which songs are written by the members, and in the last two albums (“I yah!”, And “Outside Castle”) they wrote and mix almost all music tracks. 2 members of the group, Moon Hee Jun and Jang Woo Hyuk, in fact are also the choreographed dance to all their songs. H.O.T. fans also described them as cute as angels after their video clip with the name “Promise of H.O.T.”.

The members of the group

  • Moon Hee Joo(문희준; 文 熙 俊) – Leader, Singer
  • Jang Woo Hyuk (장우혁;張 佑赫) – Major Korean rapper
  • Tony An(안승호; 安勝浩) – Major English rapper
  • Kangta(안칠현; 安七炫) – Main Vocal
  • Lee Jae Won(이재원; 李 在 元) – Singer; sub Vocal, sub rapper

The incredible things of the band


– The first Korean artist organized their own concert at Seoul Olympic Stadium because of a large number of fans. Also, because of the popularity of the group, H.O.T become a major advertising brands during their active time. They even had separate drinks with banners “I only drink H.O.T.”.

– The first Singer / bands’ tickets were sold out within 10 minutes (at the stadium concert Olympic 2001 with a capacity of 50,000 people). Other concerts tickets were sold out within one hour.

– H.O.T. is the ONLY band that subway system in Korea had to extend their run time. (subway system has until now run until 2 am to shuttle fans).

– For the first time, the Minister of Education announced a ban Korean student not to leave school, or absence to go to H.O.T.’s concert.

– The artist that had official fan club surpassed 150,000 members for the first time (250,000 unofficial members). They had been the first Korean that had their fan club established in China (more than 8 million members).

– All albums (from the album of 1 to 5) are achieved sales figures of 100,000 copies on the day of release. And as of now, all the albums have surpassed 1 million copies, and the total album sales could surpass 6 million copies.

– Singer / first band having TV program of their own.

– Singer / band first received KBS Daesang 9 times in 1 year.

– Singer / first Korean band was performing with Michael Jackson.

– Achieve the highest record in the number of buses and the police, the amount of protection, security personnel were mobilized in the concert and performances. (In Forever concert date 02/27/2001: More than 400 buses are responsible for transporting their fans.)

– Singer / first Korean band to receive the award MTV Awards (Video ‘Line Up’ won the award of the American MTV Video Award for ‘Best International Video 1998’).


Together with other bands such as Seo Taiji & The Boys, Shinhwa and Sechs Kies, H.O.T. had broken many records and become the legend of idol boy bands in Korea. Of all the best artists and singers in Korea, H.O.T. band is considered as the best singer of all time in many websites because of their great succeed achieved.  





Your voice, just like your appearance, is very important for the reason that it would directly influence on the people around you. In various cases, you have to warm up your voice before public speaking, singing, classroom teaching or just when you wake up in the morning. More significantly, if you desire to become a professional singer, you really need to practice some special warm-up exercises before a vocal intensive activity such as a vocal lesson or a public performance.


Without a doubt, before you run or play any kind of sports you should prepare yourself carefully with a healthy warm up from which you can prevent injury more efficiently. The same case happens to your voice. The reason is that an only short vocal warm up every day could improve the quality of the sounds you make, keep you in good voice. We can easily see that the ways to warm up your voice are numerous and listed below are some practical instances for you to take full advantages of.


  1. Start with lower notes

In the early morning, when you have just woken up, your vocal cords would have spent quite a long hours resting, as a result, it would be perfect when you start with some low keys to get your larynx familiar with working again. Sometimes you would find to be a little out of breath, as your diaphragm and its encompassing muscles may not be warmed up yet.

  1. Breathe deeply

There is a crucial thing that you should bear in mind that you need to maintain deep breathes every time at everywhere. This is a great approach for you to open your throat and help you to develop good resonance. There are some steps that would guide you how to use full of your power. At the beginning, breathe out through your nose and release all of the air from your lung until your lung is absolutely empty, then try to relax your stomach muscles. The second step is to open your mouth and let the air flow in naturally. While doing that, please be conscious of keeping your shoulders low and your chest relaxed. If it is needed, put one of your hand on your stomach to feel your own body better. Finally, do this step again with your tongue put on the roof of your mouth to make an “sss” sound and observe how long you are able to hold it.


  1. Humming

You can begin this tips with your lips gently closed with jaw released, then take a breath in and breath out while saying “humm”. Smoothly humming feeling the focus of the sound on the lips is an excellent way to cool down the voice, especially after extensive vocal use. Not only used for warming up, humming is also used in music of genres, from some kinds like classical, jazz or even R&B. So, as you keep humming, you are able to warm up and sing some songs at the same time.

  1. Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Besides taking some physical exercises, having a healthy diet, you should drink sufficient water. Keeping your overall health in good condition would raise or at least help you to maintain the quality of your singing voice. That is also useful for you to avoid unnecessary damage and develop great vocal habits for a strong and healthy singing voice!


Call to mind that your voice is a part of your appearance and an effective verbal communication depends not only on what you say, but also on how you sound. You should warm up your voice gradually, even in some minutes or may be more to make the most of your voice. One last thing you should remember is that don’t rush into warming up, let your vocal cords warm-up naturally, if not, it would hurt your throat.



How To Sing Vibrato

A lot of people, even some teachers think that voice vibration cannot be trained. They said that it comes naturally. But the problem is that it can take a lot of years, or do not appear. Here are some of the exercises have been effective with many people attending the music.

Basically, there are two ways to achieve vibrating voice: the first way (not really good) is to release the steam continuously. You could try it by selecting a note and singing until you are breathless. Keep the sound regularly by focusing on the jet.

Now try again, this time, let’s interrupt the sound using consonant “H” like ha-ha-ha. Feel your abdominal muscles shrink when you do so. Once you do that then you leave and just sing consonant H and just only sing the sound A, remember feeling the effects of the abdominal muscles. Be patient, so you can feel the sound effect like a machine gun. Note the movements in the lower abdomen.

Now you must understand that when you sing vibrato, there should be no clear movement on the abdomen at all. What you’re doing is not creating negative vibration favorited by people, but you need to understand it to be able to avoid.


The second way is by changing the pitch up a little high to low frequency in a large. Try drawing a straight line on the paper, then draw a wavy line across the lineup and down. You would have felt when singing that the notes you sing will rise a little or a little quiet, but changing very fast. Now, try singing a note, and this time, imagine these wavy lines. Start slowly. Do not be too hasty, because it could cause more harm than good. Now, let’s sing a short note and make foolproof change 3 times (ah-ah-ah, so that the lower foolproof down a little every time ended pronounce Ah). Imagine you sing sounds Uh, and it will look like Ah-uh, Ah-uh, Ah-uh … Remember do not emit sound in this exercise H and instant breath when singing.

Once you’re comfortable, add 3 groups Ah-uh sound again. Workout and when you have to add 3 groups smoothly again. Just continue to do so. Currently, you only make the bass note down. While training, your body will recognize what you intend to do and automatically push up a little note. Do not try to force your voice, just practice naturally and it will appear after a few weeks to a few months.

Divide into 3 groups will help you control your sound better. Think 1-2-3, 1-2-3, 1-2-3, 1-2-3. (Ah-uh, (1) ah-uh (2) ah-uh (3)), linking them at a little distance.

There would have turned out a little, but not to the extent until you feel. And remember that the lower jaw does not affect anything so do not move it while singing (there are many famous singers do it while vibrating voice, but also the best people sometimes could make mistakes).

This exercise will require more breath than usual. But do not worry about that, as you become more mature, the feeling will fade. Let’s exercise daily, whether you feel like you are making a funny sound. This is just an exercise to train your subconscious feeling trilled. The distance in elevation will be reduced when you practice.

After a while, you can pick a song and try singing. Add 1-2-3 groups on long notes. Try singing slowly, create each note 6 times vibration waves (Do-o-o-o-o / Re-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh / Mi-e-e-e-e-e, … and keep in a stretch slightly). You absolutely can think of the alternative for the exercises and techniques, but don’t forget to pay attention to the 1-2-3 group, later you automatically forget when mastered.