Car Battery: What To Know About Your Battery

Car battery: what to know about your battery

The car battery starts the engine.
Just as the alternator, the candles, and the car lights, the car battery is part of the electrical system and is essential to start your car.

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How is a car battery?

Inside a battery consists of a plurality of cells connected in series. Each producing 2 volts, so it takes six batteries to produce the 12 volts required for most existing cars and motorcycles.
Each cell is composed of positive and negative plates positioned in parallel and alternately with:

  • 3 positive plates;
  • 4 negative plates.

These plates were immersed in a mixture referred to as electrolyte compound:

  • to about 20% sulfuric acid (H2SO4);
  • to about 80% of distilled water.

For the chemical reaction, three elements thus come into action: lead, water, and acid by interaction store current and circulate.
The assembly is usually mounted in polypropylene trays (sometimes cellular), to resist the heat and cold as well as the acid.
Good to know: some are called Gel or AGM battery. They are also formed with acid (not gel) which is embedded in a like member blotting retaining acid when open and flip.

Car battery: essential but simple check

The car battery can not only start the car but also offers electricity to the engine shutdown.
It is easy to maintain, but it does not take as long neglected.
You have two options for your battery:

  • with battery maintenance;
  • Maintenance free

Batteries with maintenance

Batteries contain the electrolyte (water and sulfuric acid) which should not be missed otherwise it would weaken the battery.
On some of them, you can control the level of the liquid in the filling holes. This must go beyond the plates 10 to 12 mm.
If this is not the case, distilled water may be added.
Moreover, you can inspect the (+) and (-) to verify their cleanliness:
It should not be sulfate (white powder).
If necessary, you can clean them with a wire brush after having unscrewed.

Maintenance-free batteries

Now there are maintenance-free batteries, which are growing and which, as their name suggests, have no need to be maintained.
It should, however, you are sure of the type of battery installed in your car. For the verification, simply:
Look in your maintenance log if your car is new;
Or open your hood.
Good to know: maintenance free batteries will recognize the fact that the cowling is very difficult to remove.

When do the revision of the battery?

All batteries are not the same lifetime. In normal use, the average is 3 to 10 years.
Even maintenance-free batteries do not live indefinitely.
Important: a low battery does not necessarily mean its change!

Price revised

You will find price differences:

  • to the maintenance batteries and those that require no operation;
  • those are sold by major general and specialized surfaces and which are proposed to you in auto services, car repairers or dealers.

Found prices ranging from 65-240 € are reasonable depending much on the brands you take.

Change your car battery yourself

A battery requires maintenance and summary may be made, without any recourse to a professional.
If a change is necessary, you need to integrate two very important information:

  • the order of the disconnection and connection;
  • on a modern car, it may be the disconnection that leads to a locking of the car.

So do not hesitate to review your service book carefully and use the tips to maintain yourself your car, before coming to block your car.
However if you lack confidence in this, do not hesitate to ask for professional service.

Car Radio Guide

Become indispensable accessories for many drivers, car radios have evolved considerably in recent years. Like the players and other music devices, these devices have had to adapt to new file formats and new media to offer the user still more possibilities. The time of cassette players is over. Now most cars have a car radio, sometimes very sophisticated. The latter may be able to play mp3 and be equipped with a USB port or an SD card reader and even a color screen. It is advisable to opt for a pioneer avh-x1600dvd. View pioneer avh-x1600dvd reviews

Faced with all these innovations, it is sometimes difficult to find the camera that best fits their expectations. The radio “classic” to “new generation” devices, the proposed range is particularly wide. To learn more about the different models of car radios currently available on the market, an overview is needed.

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The Best Place For Your Digital Piano?

In the process of using the digital piano, you need to understand some basic things when choosing the best location to place the digital piano. A bad position can ruin your guitar faster than you think.

place for digital piano

  1. Climate and environment

You should think carefully about the climate and the environment when deciding where is the best place to put the digital piano because the climate and the environment are very important factors to achieve a stable temperature. Digital piano inappropriate in a room temperature is changed continuously (cold at night, hot during the day, etc.)

Make every effort to keep your digital piano in a small room with fireplace (far above) in the winter and not too hot in summer.

A stable temperature is about 20 degrees C (65-70 degrees F) and humidity of 45 to 60% is ideal for a digital piano. The easiest way to keep track of the humidity is to buy a moisture meter and hang it on the wall. The easiest way to control humidity is to buy a dehumidifier (if you’re in an area with high humidity all year round) or the humidifier (if you are in the area of low humidity below safe with digital piano).

For more information you can find in to have some more guides about how to have your digital piano placed in the right place in your home.

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Tips and Advice on Buying a Blender

A blender is a handy device that allows you to mix various ingredients quickly, pureeing or blending. You can go for smoothies with a blender or mix sauces. However, this can be done in many different ways and use different (speed) functions. If you want to buy a new best blender, it can be difficult to choose between the various options. Compare prices, therefore, the specifications and capabilities of blenders for you to put a row.

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How to spray painting?

Guns, or better diffusers, let you apply paint, enamels, varnishes and wood stains in a wide variety of media, with a quality finish, faster and with less effort, using different technologies. They are not difficult to use tools, they simply need a little practice, you’ll get as do some tests on a board or cardboard. We tell you about paint sprayer and types that you can find.

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How to Protect The Car From The Sun

Your car gets very hot when it’s hot? You should know that there are some tricks that can help you avoid the hot sun too much body as the vehicle, which eventually can cause malfunctions or technical failures. High temperatures can reach heat cars to 45 degrees Celsius in summer times causing breakdowns and roadside assistance skyrocket during this season. So, we want to give clues about how to protect the car from the sun and prevent heat from enjoying the good weather. Also, to repair cars on your own, you may need the air impact wrench.

Content of the article:

  • Parked in the shade
  • If you can not avoid the sun, protect your car
  • Check the antifreeze

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How To Install The Subwoofer

Disorientation bass subwoofer does not mean that players can place anywhere in your listening room will give equivalent results. Selected set point matching subwoofer can make a clear difference in the bass performance of the speaker. Many people choose rather handy solution is to place the subwoofer in the corner, because in this way will the thick bass and largest. But the subwoofer placed in that position will not give detailed bass. In addition to some devices that are needed for installing a subwoofer, an amplifier is also necessary. Because this is quite an important equipment, you should take a careful consideration in the best car amplifier for car that is suitable and fit your car as well as your subwoofer in a properly way.

  1. Best way to set the subwoofer

With small subwoofer (diameter less than 20 cm), the best position is to set the main speakers about 0,9-1,2m. Placing the subwoofer too far is harder for it to bring the feeling that the bass is generated from the speaker system. In the process of positioning subwoofers, one should turn to high volume to figure out how to score big bass, but still the most richly detailed.

In some cases, after having put in many positions, the bass is not as detailed as desired, players can consider the following solution:

  1. Listening chair lift out of position and put the sub into it, turn on a movie or music have more bass at high volumes.
  2. Next, let’s go around the room to the point where players want to put that in most speakers (subjective).
  3. Finally, is moving in a straight line from the sub listening position to that point. When moving the speakers, listen to locate the bass can sound the most powerful and detailed, fixed and speakers there.
  4. Fitting and adjustment

Normally the rear subwoofers had several buttons, jacks with various parameters. This arrangement can make the “heathen” with audio momentarily confused. But if you look closely can see quite clearly the functions and simple. How to play the simplest and effective as signal wiring from the amplifier / preamplifier to the line “Sub in” rear subwoofer (or in some sub-topic is LFE / Direct / Bypass …).

Next, push the cut frequency knob points to the highest level. In some lines of subwoofers allow changes in the frequency range from 40Hz to about 200Hz wide. Players need to carefully study the specifications of the main speakers and subwoofer on this aspect in order to select an appropriate threshold for cutting frequency subwoofer. One way to estimate the relative frequency selection cut on the subwoofer level to match the main speakers are as follows: Threshold 150-200 Hz as the main speaker bass 5-8cm in diameter; 80Hz or 100Hz threshold for the main speaker bass 10-13cm in diameter; 60Hz or 80Hz threshold with large bookshelf speakers or speaker’s slender columns.

Rocker phase (phase), as well as one of the important adjustment button on the subwoofer, subwoofers, and speakers by the system can “sing” when they are synchronized – meaning that the speaker’s woofers pair the main speakers and subwoofer motion / out simultaneously. To test the speakers can operate in phase with each other is not, turn on loud music with more bass software and listen to the “sweet spot” for about a minute. At the same time, arrange to sit slight correction phase rocker 0/180 subwoofer located on site. Benchmarking is when people hear that the system found in the most bass. In cases where the listener does not feel the difference when tuning at any point from 0 to 180, leave the button in position 0.

The final step is to adjust the volume of the sub. Some people are “addicted” to the bass (bass freak) can push a little-known sub greater than the overall level of the main speakers. Meanwhile, the system will lose the balance in favor of the band and bass. If you want absolute precise adjustments, players need the support of volume measuring instruments professional in studio or lab.


How to get the best guitar ?

You may get tired of searching for best guitar for the beginner. But may not be successful to find out the best one for yourself (Fender fa-100 is one of the guitar you should consider). It happens because of having no higher knowledge about which guitars are the best and which are the worst.

Question: How to get the best guitar?

At the beginning session, it may totally unaware to you. But gradually whenever you got some experience, then you may get some ideas about verifying the quality and the skills of the guitars too. After becoming less experienced, it would be the easiest task for you to find out the best guitar and then pay money for it.

Well! After getting knowledgeable of the beginner guitar, then you can take a trial of the next categorized guitars also. You can easily try the middle or high classed guitars if you learned the lessons from the beginner guitars at first.

But it would be tougher for you if you just neglected the beginning lessons or denied to take the advantages from the beginner guitar. So, it’s very important to learn the playing of the beginner guitar at first, then try for something better with the next guitars and other kind of musical instruments.

Look at your budget for a suitable guitar

However, as the beginner guitars used to be very simple, so that the price of it, also should not be too high also. Moreover, you also can buy it with your estimated budget. According to me, you also should not pay much money for your beginner guitar. Because without handling properly, it may get damaged so quickly. But in the next, whenever you learn more, you can buy the most expensive guitars also. Then you also may know how to buy it and in later how to play the best tunes from it also.

Therefore, in order to get the best guitar, you must have to know the every detail of it. Otherwise, there will be a large scope of being deceived by the betrayer or by getting the low classed guitars.

You may have very few risks of being deceived if you purchase the branded guitars. But if you are compelled to buy the non branded guitars or have to buy the second hand guitars, then you must have to be more careful indeed. Sometimes you also may not have the scope to correct your mistakes that you did in the earlier times.

Advice for buying a good guitar

Well! As like the other things, you also should follow of your own choice whenever you are purchasing a guitar for yourself. If you have any particular choice, then you can easily buy the guitar by yourself. But if you are confused about anything, then you should obviously discuss with your friends or colleagues to solve this problem.

It is just hoped and wished that by overtaking the other matters, you may succeed in the mission of buying the best guitar for yourself. Because a better guitar can also can increase your passion towards and music and also become too helpful to help you in your further life too.